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Flight of Hick with Sticks

Flight of Hick with Sticks 2022 15' x 27' x 13' ft. whittled sticks, nails COVID - Gardens MaxBard 911 e.s.s. Public Conservation project Essex County MA

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Protecting Forests and Families After years of watching half the country burn while half the country floods, I was angry and depressed. At any mention of forest fires or tropical storms, I became incandescent with anger and rage. I was angry with large corporations profiting from products and practices that accelerate climate change. [...]

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Red Flag: Muddy River Reservation

red flag: Muddy River 2022 9' x 9' x 5' ft. sassafras, black birch, rope, buoys, keyboard, mailbox, tires, flag, signs, rake, crutches, steel cable, hubcaps, sneakers, electrical conduit, Captain America Red Flag is a pictorial representation of the contemporary Massachusetts landscape. The [...]

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Tomb of the Tools of The Unknown Workers

Tomb of The Tools Of the Unknown Worker 2020 12' x 11' x 9' ft. white oak, red pine, granite, ditch lilies, buoys, frying pans, street signs, tires, birdhouses, train spikes, hand tools, saw blades, anchor, roofing brackets, I built this megalithic structure [...]

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Only The Spirit Of Cedar

Only The Spirit of Cedar 2022 15' x 15' x 30' ft. Eastern Red Cedar, Oriental Bittersweet, Bush Honeysuckle, bean cans, stone, cable antenna Only the Spirit of Cedar is a 30’ foot long arbor that depicts the impact invasive plants have [...]

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This Is What Nature Looks Like

This Is What Nature Looks Like 2021 25' x 4' x 3' ft. storm damaged local timber, litter, lobster shells, squirrel tail, turkey feathers, birch bark, pine cones This Is What Nature Looks Like, responds to the shifting ecology of the Charles River. [...]

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Energy From Entropy

Energy From Entropy 2020 59 x 50 x 17 in hemlock, red pine, sugar maple, rope, found objects Golden Made In Paint: Artist in Residence Exhibitions 4/2/2020 - 7/20/2020 Golden Artist Colors 188 Bell Rd. New Berlin, NY 13411

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Fuck 5G

Energy From Entropy, (2020) wood, paint,  found material 48" x 56" Nam aliquet ante porta, gravida elit interdum, luctus porta sapien justo, at fringilla felis suscipit vestibulum volutpat metus. Praesent eu turpis ac mauris commodo.

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Appalachian Flamingo

Appalachian Flamingo 2020 trash collected from Parker River Wildlife Refuge site specific installation on Appalachian Trail Appalachian Flamingo, is an on going project, inspired by my time working as a Park Ranger for U.S.Fish & Wildlife. During my time as a [...]

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People Trap / Living Basket

People Trap / Living Basket, 2020, 12' x 28' x 14', dead tree limbs, blue berry bushes, red maple, poison ivy, Glossy Buckthorn, Sycamore Maple, Bush Honeysuckle       The inspiration for the People Trap is rooted in both the contemporary and ancient world. The work is a direct reaction [...]

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