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Actual Reality Unit

Actual Reality Unit, 2019, 23' x  10' x 17', town  land, Massachusetts           In 2018, I spent four months collecting litter throughout Plum Island Massachusetts. Plum Island is named after bright, purple berries of the beach plum plant that can be found throughout the barrier island. [...]

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Bird House

Bird House, 2019, 15' x 13' x 9', wood, rope, oak tree, town land, Massachusetts Proximity to me refers to the location in which an object exists and functions in relationship to the larger area surrounding it. I experience proximity in this sense every day as it relate to my favorite daily [...]

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Herbaceous, 2019, 6' x 11' x 5', wood, steel, paint, plastic, found material            In New England, everything is owned. Boundaries are marked by lines on paper and faded signs that only serve the marsh birds for perches, and a foundation of steel for  homes of wasps and hornets. Like [...]

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A.R.U.2. at The Golden Foundation

A.R.U.2: Apple Dragon, 2019, 22' x 20' x 6', The Golden Foundation for the Arts, New Berlin, NY           Established by the Golden family of Golden Paints, The Sam and Adell Golden Foundation for the Arts is a non-profit organization that supports the arts and  the environment. The [...]

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