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Appalachian Flamingo

Appalachian Flamingo, 2020, Appalachian Trail North Adams, Massachusetts, buoys, tools, steel, bed frames, toys, saw blades, bilge pump, paint brushes, spray paint, pine, maple, plastic pipe       Appalachian Flamingo, is an on going project, inspired by my time working as a Park Ranger for U.S.Fish & Wildlife. During my [...]

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People Trap / Living Basket

People Trap / Living Basket, 2020, 12' x 28' x 14', dead tree limbs, blue berry bushes, red maple, poison ivy, Glossy Buckthorn, Sycamore Maple, Bush Honeysuckle       The inspiration for the People Trap is rooted in both the contemporary and ancient world. The work is a direct reaction [...]

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Red Flag

Red Flag, 2020, Appalachian Trail, North Adams, Massachusetts red pine, birch, red maple, steel, paint, electric guitar, bicycle, crutches, fire extinguisher, buoys, cord, racquet       Red Flag is a sculpture I created in North Adams Massachusetts. The art is made from timber and garbage collected locally. The [...]

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Covid Gardens

Freshly planted flowers taking to new soil. (April 2020)           The past two summers I have created and installed work on a small patch of land in on the north shore of Massachusetts. When the lockdown was declared many opportunities I had went out the door. However, the [...]

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Actual Reality Unit

Actual Reality Unit, 2019, 23' x  10' x 17', town  land, Massachusetts           In 2018, I spent four months collecting litter throughout Plum Island, Massachusetts. The island is named after the bright, purple berries of the beach-plum plant found throughout this barrier island. The island is [...]

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