Society is learning our relationship with the land is much more complex than we thought. My work is a unique, visual language that speaks directly to the complexities of the American landscape. Like the reflection of treetops on the surface of still water, my work captures a variation of reality, altered by perception. A rigorous collection process is the heart of my creative practice. My work is made entirely from materials I source from the environment. All of the consumer objects are litter I find in the landscape.  I fell all my of own trees and mill all my own lumber.  Abandoned commercial goods and organic material  are put on display as evidence of locations condition.  I am not interested in creating work that speaks to a utopian society we can never have, or illustrating a dystopia we are inevitably doomed for. I am interested in embodying a landscape in an art object that is not depicted through flowers and fauna, but rather captures a certain time and energy of a space. By creating a harmony between products and natural resources my work serves as an example of how society and our world can exist peacefully. My sculptures connect a diverse range of people and unifies them through a collective conversation about sustainability and conservation. If we empathize with our world, we empathize with each other. A better future for our planet requires a stronger bond amongst the people.