Using the language of an expanded painting practice, Max  combines objects and trash found on urban streets and sidewalks as a mode for investigating American urban culture and the human impact on the environment. Informed by the issues of painting, Max combines the urban panache of his work with a material and constructive specificity that results in a graffiti-like take on totem poles and indigenous artifacts. His hybrid objects, although contemporary, are relics of American culture seen through the eyes of a city dweller.

         In his own words,  his “work is derived from society’s waste. Nearly all my materials are found and reclaimed from the streets and sidewalks I travel everyday. The pieces are literally created by the modern landscape of urban America. The juxtaposition of  trashed materials possessions and striking colors is both intellectually challenging and physically beautiful. Each piece creates a dialogue about mankind’s negative impact on earth  while celebrating aspects of American society and the culture of a modern patriot. As we go forward and our conservation efforts are increasingly challenged, I feel this message will become even more paramount in the context of all of our lives.”