65 x 59 x 49 in

The rehabilitation of small habitats is essentail for perserving the small amount of remaining wild land. This vernal pool habitat in unique, and should support a biologiccally diverseve population of various animals species.

Surrounded by housing developments on all sides this wetland habitat had been left unmaintained for years, resulting in rampant growth of harmful invasive species and a severe lack of biodiversity.

After 3 years, I can honeslty say the area is flourishing.  Deer, turkey, frogs, salamanders, squirls, rabits, fisher cats, humming birds, bard owls. A pair of red tail hawks have built a nest far up in a red pine. The curious young birds often fly down and land directly on the sculptures. This year there also is a breeding pair of ducks. and I sighted a beautiful large red fox in the fall romping through the park following the trail made by the fat toms.

Maxbard911 E.s.s. Land Conservation Project

protected Wetlands 

Essex County