Fuck 5G, 2021, 22’x 14′ x 12′, Red Maple, Red Oak, Red Pine, Diamond Willow, Street Sign, Nails

Fuck 5G , was inspired by an interaction I had with an individual  while working as a Park Ranger for U.S. Fish and Wildlife. I was at Parker River Wildlife Refuge,  when a middle aged gentleman stopped and asked me, “what the wi-fi password is here?”

In my time as Ranger I had thousands of interactions thousands of people, but I could tell this patron was going to stand out amongst the rest. It took me a few moments to come up with a polite response. I was confused by the very nature of the question, but It was my job to answer him.

“Just to be clear, you want the Wi-Fi-password for the beach?” I asked him. To which he relplied, ” yeah the password for the internet”, which was followed by a smug laugh, as if I was stupid for not understanding him.

With a smile I said, ” Sorry sir there is no internet on the beach because it is nature and no one in nature cares about the internet. ”

Long story short, he got real mad, and the birds on the beach didn’t give a rats ass.

While making this piece I was constantly thinking about just how amazing nature and the earth are, and  just how stupid that guy was.