In July 2018, I hosted a unique creativity workshop for the wonderful students of the Kennedy Children’s Center. The center is dedicated to providing high quality education services to young children with developmental delays, in partnership with families and communities. At this event there were 30 students and their parents. Weeks prior to the event both the school and I collected all sorts of recyclable products we typically see thrown away, such as food boxes, magazines, and plastic utensils. I had brought a large armature of a bird and explained to the students that we needed to make our bird wings to fly. Collectively, we began painting the materials we saved and began painting the wings of our bird. It only took about ten minutes for the students to open up and really begin expressing themselves. What was once a quiet room full of shy 3-4 year old children was now overflowing with creative energy. The students and parents responded so well to the program, it was just amazing for me. The teachers and staff of the Kennedy Children’s Center were amazing as well. I had one rule, which of course was, “there were no rules.” With no limitations to what they paint and how they paint it, many students began painting their own hands and arms and after, their favorite teacher’s arms.