red flag: Muddy River


9′ x 9′ x 5′ ft.

sassafras, black birch, rope, buoys, keyboard, mailbox, tires, flag, signs, rake, crutches, steel cable, hubcaps, sneakers, electrical conduit, Captain America

Red Flag is a pictorial representation of the contemporary Massachusetts landscape. The sculpture is made entirely from wood and litter I collected from wild spaces throughout the commonwealth.

The sculptures displays the devastating impact pollution and climate change has on the environment. The garbage speaks to the massive problem of pollution. The species of timber used in the work all have historical and cultural significance to the state. The wood itself comes from trees mortally damaged from sever weather systems.

From a biological perspective, the collection of of materials shows evidence of a beautiful world slowly dying. Anthropologically, it speaks of an inequitable society where the empathetic actions of many are eclipsed by a portion of people driven by greed, vanity, and arrogance.

Muddy River Reservation 

217 Jamaica Way 

Boston, MA