Appalachian Flamingo


trash collected from Parker River Wildlife Refuge

site specific installation on Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Flamingo, is an on going project, inspired by my time working as a Park Ranger for U.S.Fish & Wildlife. During my time as a ranger I was stationed out of Parker River Wildlife Refuge. Unlike other national parks the refuge is particularly small. The parks spans across 3 of the 9 mile long barrier island, Plum Island, off the coast of Massachusetts. Despite its small size the significance of the park is immense. Parker River Wildlife Refuge host the most diverse group of avian species in the entire United States. During the start of spring time migration it is home to the largest concentration of songbird species in the world. It is an integral spot for migratory, song, shore, and marsh birds.

Tourist Hotel 

915 State Rd

North Adams, MA


9/1/20 – 9/27/20