Squirrel House


14′ x 13′ x 9′ ft.

hemlock, red pine, sugar maple, rope

The lumber in this piece came from a private development being built in my home town. The trees where to be mulched due to their location in proximity to the building site. There was a small portion of town land that ran adjacent to the this property. I decided by myself I would cut the trees from this land myself.

So began a many month process of strategically removing a patch of pines from the development while eluding the property owners and the people working on site.

I was able to save around fifteen red pine trees. In doing so the lines of trees that once so perfectly provided me the cover now was a patch of stumps that clearly disclosed my location.

Under the cover of the night I felled the last few trees. At sunrise I returned and dragged the logs from once what was their home and a cul de sac. Neither the trees or myself have been back.

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